Dave's Slide Hack

Dave's Slide Hack (dsh) is a perl script which takes a bunch of HTML files without headers, generates an HTML index and wraps each of the original files in a header and footer giving previous, next and index links. This way you can easily generate a simple slide show capable of being shown on any web browser. My Vi talk was the first thing I used dsh on.

OK so its not a full slide presentation designer; but heck its a nice simple piece of Perl which took me an hour or two to write.

Download it from here.

How to use

Write your slides in an HTML editor or a plain text editor. Don't put any of the head, body or title tags in. Make the first line:

<H1>Your slide title</H1>

Name each slide S??aname.slide where ?? is a number. The slides are sorted on these numbers (note! ASCII sort - so use 01, 02, 10 etc).

Now create a dshrcfile in the same directory with a set of header and footer information. Probably the best thing is to hack the one I used for a recent talk - get it here

Finally run the dsh.pl script in the directory containing your .slide files and your .html files will magically appear

Report any problems to dsh @ treblig.org

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