Dave's DVDs

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Dirty Harry

Standard Clint Eastwood Cop film; you only need one

For a Few Dollars More

Token Clint Eastwood wstern – you only really need one.



and I haven't bothered with Alien 3 or 4 – I found three awful.

Blade Runner

I seem to have a liking for post-apocalyptic sci-fi – this has to be one of the classics

Terminator (Region 1)

Terminator 2 (Region 1)

More artificial beings.

Medusa Touch

A very odd telekenesis thriller/yarn.


Erm ok, another very odd telekenesis thriller; very low budget – and a few exploding heads.


Very nice 60's crime/mob film – with Steve McQueen giving a classic chase sequence, and very atmospheric Jazz music.

The Ipcress File


A nice yarn; pity about the bad Russian accents, and remember to think in Russian!

Escape From New York



A fault in your AE35 unit hey....hmm.

Full metal jacket


Classic hacker film; while the technology is rather dated, it is somehow cleaner and simpler.

Pulp Fiction

China Syndrome

I forgot how boring the ending of this film was; I mean you'd hope that a nuclear disaster film was actually going to end in a disaster!

The Towering Inferno

The Getaway

A rather disappointing McQueen crime yarn.

The omen (Set of The Omen, The Omen 2 and the Omen Final Conflict)

Das Boot

Dive! This is a single disc version – that I prefer; the full version can be rather drawn out.

Get carter

Violent 60's crime/mob thriller – lots of classic British actors appearing where you don't expect them.

Twelve Monkeys

Falling back into another post-apocalyptic sci-fi; but this one is very very strange (in a nice way).

Reservoir Dogs

The Thing (1982)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The Shining

A very odd paranormal/madman film; one thing I noticed was the DVD had a few scenes cut out that I'd remembered; nothing significant – but just enough to make us think 'where did that go?'


A very odd totalitarian society film, lots of classic British actors.

Minority Report

And a much more subtle form of police state, with a lot of nice touches.

Interview with the Vampire

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Sherlock Holmes (The full set of 23 DVDs with Jeremy Brett as Holmes)

This is the best rendition of Holmes that I know; this is a full boxed set of 41 cases. It is unusual in not making Watson appear a complete fool and Jeremy Brett is an excellent Holmes.

Silent Running

Back to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi; the last remaining vegetation from the earth on a space ship; with some rather cute robots.

Assault on Precinct 13

A classic, very violent cop v gang shoot out film, very intense and rather different.

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